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Q1) I am a complete beginner in calligraphy, which workshop should I join?

First decide which type of calligraphy you would like to learn:

  1. DIP PEN: we use a pointed nib that is inserted into a pen holder, and dip the nib into a bottle of ink in order to write. 
  2. BRUSH PEN: we use brush pens to write in Western script style. There are a range of brushes available and some brushes are similar to the Chinese calligraphy or water-colour brushes. For both types of calligraphy, please see "The Kit" on the sidebar link for further information.
  3. The tools between dip pen and brush pen is different. For the dip pen, we will use a stiffer nib at the workshop which requires a bit stronger pressure when writing; while for the brush pen, we will use a softer, more flexible brush pen to write which requires a lighter touch. Dip pen usually results in smaller size writing while brush pen can write in a larger size. Please visit the photo links below for a better understanding:
  4. Dip Pen Workshop  - photos here
  5. Brush Pen Workshop - photos here
  6. PAINTING: if you wish to learn to paint, we also offer painting workshops too!

Q2) What is INTRO level and what is BEGINNER level?

  • INTRO LEVEL:  Our INTRO level (i.e. Calligraphy Tasting Workshop) is suitable for people who are curious to try their hands on dip pen calligraphy but could not find time to learn! Each workshop is 1.5 hours and you will be introduced to the basic techniques and fundamental skills of dip pen calligraphy. You will learn to write useful phases such as “happy birthday” and “congratulations”!
  • BEGINNER LEVEL: Our BEGINNER level workshops will have more in depth information than the INTRO level, it is suitable for complete beginners or calligraphers of any levels who will like to learn calligraphy from the basics or to refresh their skills. Each workshop is 3 hours and it is divided into two parts:
  1. PART 1 - Basic Techniques (2 hours) includes understanding of tools, Kalo's demonstration on how to write and your personal practice
  2. PART 2 - Creative Application (1 hour) includes learning how to apply calligraphy skills creatively. Each workshop is themed and this part is different depends on the theme you choose. For example, in our "Design Your Monogram" workshop, you will learn to compose a monogram design, while in our "Colour Ink Calligraphy" workshop, you will learn how to mix various colour inks for calligraphy. Please read the description for each workshop for full details.

Q3) What is IMPROVER level?

  • IMPROVER LEVEL: suitable for calligraphers who will like to improve their skills and learn in a deeper level.
  • Since Kalo will not teach the PART 1: Basic Techniques in the IMPROVER level, therefore students must have basic calligraphy skills prior to the IMPROVER workshop.

Q4) Can I sign up for multiple BEGINNER dip pen workshops?

  • As mentioned in Q2, the teaching content of PART 1: Basic Techniques is the SAME throughout ALL BEGINNER dip pen workshops, this part will take 2 hours. 
  • To maximize your learning, we recommend you to join our IMPROVER workshop(s) instead of signing up for multiple BEGINNER workshops, as we will not be covering the basics in our IMPROVER workshops, so you can learn something new!
  • However, if you wish to refresh your basic techniques and skills, you are welcome to sign up multiple BEGINNER dip pen workshops too!

Q5) How many calligraphy starter kits will I received if I sign up for multiple BEGINNER dip pen workshops?

  • You will receive one set of calligraphy starter kit at each workshop. 

Q6) I have joined your BEGINNER workshop and I am still new to calligraphy, are your IMPROVER workshops suitable for me?

  • Don't worry! You do NOT need to be skilled in calligraphy to participate as our IMPROVER workshops are catered to improve your calligraphy skills and help you achieve better calligraphy results.

Q7) What is the criteria to sign up for your JAMMING + PEN MEET events?

  • You are welcome to sign up for our calligraphy event(s) but please ensure you have taken at least one of our workshops prior to the event(s).
  • These events are tailored to encourage past students to stay with the calligraphy community and therefore, events are charged at a very low fee.
  • Participants who fail this criteria will not be accepted for the registration and the enrollment fee will be non-refundable.

Q8) Is it possible to sign up together with my friend(s)?

  • Yes, you can simply click "add to cart" for the workshop you select, then go to your "cart" to enter the final quantity you require for the workshop. The system will automatically update the Total Cost. Once the payment is received, we will email you separately in a few days to enquire for the other participants’ details (i.e. their names and email addresses). We will send you and your friends a reminder email closer to the workshop date and the practice sheet PDF after the workshop.

Q9) Do you offer gift voucher for the workshop?

  • Yes, we offer DIGITAL gift vouchers which you print out as gifts. The voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. Please email us at info@kalomakeart.com for full details.

Q10) Will there be any discount if I want to sign up for multiple workshops?

  • Our calligraphy studio is tailored for a cosy learning environment and is unique than other calligraphy workshops in Hong Kong. We also work very hard to constantly update our teaching materials to ensure all students are learning from the best. 
  • Therefore, we do not provide discounts for multiple registrations, however we do provide "TWO-GATHER" offer  for participants who sign up with a friend!

Q11) I cannot attend due to last minute arrangement, can I swap to another workshop or request for a refund?

  • ALL sales are final, workshop fee is non-refundable.

    Cancellation for BEGINNER + IMPROVER workshops:

    If you cannot attend the workshop you signed up for and would like to swap to another workshop date, please email us at info@kalomakeart.com at least 5 days in advance. You are able to swap to another workshop one time only within three months from the date of your purchase.

    However, participants who fail to provide 5 days advance notice will not be able to swap to another workshop.

    For BEGINNER workshop (not IMPROVER), you are also welcome to transfer your seat to a friend. To do this, you must give 3 days prior written notice via email to info@kalomakeart.com including the name, email and contact number of the person you are transferring to

Q12) I would like to purchase your calligraphy starter kit (dip pen) without attending the calligraphy workshop, is this possible?

  • Yes, you can purchase the calligraphy starter kit (dip pen) directly from our website or from our Hong Kong Central Studio, please email us at info@kalomakeart.com to arrange the collection detail.
  • Alternatively, you can purchase our calligraphy starter kit at LOG ON City Super and/or at The Eslite Spectrum Bookstore in Hong Kong. The retail price for our calligraphy starter kit is HKD250.
  • We also offer purchase from overseas, please email us at info@kalomakeart.com for full details.

Q13) I would like to purchase your calligraphy supplies, how should I proceed?

  • We stock a range of calligraphy supplies - from greeting cards, stationery, pens, nibs to a large range of calligraphy inks.
  • You can shop directly from our website, note we are currently ship to Hong Kong addresses only.
  • If you would like to shop at our Hong Kong Central studio, please email us at info@kalomakeart.com to arrange a date and time. 
  • Our studio visit is by appointment only because we have client meetings and calligraphy workshops during the weekday and weekend, by having an appointment, we can ensure our availability to help you during your visit.

Q14) We would like to feature your calligraphy workshops for our media channel (magazine, website, blog, television), what should we do?

  • We are thrilled to know you are interested to feature our KALO MAKE ART calligraphy workshops! Please simply send us your request via the "CONTACT" form on the sidebar link OR email us at info@kalomakeart.com. We will email you back shortly with further information. 

Q15) I have other questions about your calligraphy workshops, but I cannot see the answers above. What should I do?

  • Please simply send us your question(s) via the "CONTACT" form on the sidebar link OR email us at info@kalomakeart.com. We will email you back shortly with answers.